Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is made up of all pastoral staff, Elders and elected members of the Church and is responsible for implanting the vision for ministry and mission of the church, and administering the affairs of the Church, on behalf of the members.

Tim Bradford, Petersham Baptist Church Senior Pastor

Tim Bradford

Tim and Alison, his wife, came to Petersham Baptist in 2008, having moved into the Inner West to complete studies at Moore Theological College. Tim began as the Evening Pastor back in 2010 and now continues to serve PBC in his current role with the addition of 3 wonderful kids.

Dave Pym Petersham Baptist Church Associate Pastor

Dave Pym

Dave came on board as the Associate Pastor at PBC after completing theological studies in Sydney (SMBC) and Ghana, West Africa (Akrofi-Christaller Institute). He is husband to Cynthia and father to four fantastic children. Dave is passionate about helping people at PBC and beyond to know, love and follow Jesus.

Ian Maddock

Ian attends Petersham Baptist Church with his wife and three children. Ian is currently an Elder and serves on the Leadership team.

Deb Wood

Deb started attending Petersham Baptist Church in 2009. She has been involved in various ministries around the church and community outreach. She currently serves on the Leadership Team.