Our Vision


Like many in the Inner West, we come from varied backgrounds and places. We will continue to be a mix of people who are settled and transient. But for however long we are here our commitment to Christ draws us to commit to one another in order to see the gospel bear fruit in the Inner West.


In order to see the gospel bear fruit in the Inner West, we will each need to grow  in our knowledge, love and likeness to Jesus, our Saviour. We don’t seek to do this alone. Instead, we will prioritize meeting together, teaching one another and learning together how the gospel is teaching us a new and better way of life


One of the ways we hope to see the gospel bear fruit in the Inner West is in our desire and ability to engage our community in thoughtful and practical ways with the person and claims of Jesus. Holding on to biblical convictions, we hope to genuinely listen to the concerns of our communities while graciously responding with how the gospel has brought faith, love and hope to us.


PBC seeks to send committed and growing disciples into the world to promote the gospel of Christ. We believe that all the workplaces, communities and homes where God has placed His people from PBC are part of our mission field as a church.