Sermons on Acts

Jesus: A Saviour for Outsiders

Acts 11:1-30 For¬†Gentile ‘outsiders’ to become ‘insiders’ in Jesus’ Church, there had to be: (1) Recognition that Jesus wants to save Gentiles (1-18) (2) Interaction with Gentiles where they were (19-21) (3) Affirmation that Gentile belief was genuine (22-24) (4) Instruction of Gentile converts in how to live for Christ (25-26) (5) Demonstration by Gentile…

His Team

Who does Jesus want to include?

Acts 8:1-40

Background: Stephen’s legacy is that the Good News leaves Jerusalem (1-4)

Who does Jesus want to save and include in the Church He is building?    

(1) Jesus wants the despised (5-8 and 14-17)

(2) Jesus wants the deceived (9-13 and 18-25)

(3) Jesus wants the distant (26-40)

Do we want these people on Jesus’ team, and will we help them join?