Sermons on Faith

10. The Light Which Divides

John 9

How does Jesus do God’s work as the “Light of the world”? (9:4-5)

  1. He give sight to the physically blind (9:1-12)
  2. He makes Himself a basis for division (9:39)
  3. He confirms the spiritual blindness of the proud (9:13-34; 9:39-41)
  4. He gives spiritual sight to the humble (9:35-39)
  5. He shines through those who receive Him (9:4)

3. The Gospel And Suffering

Colossians 1:24-2:5

  1. Refreshing our minds with stories of life’s challenges
  2. Paul becomes a prisoner for preaching God’s message in public
  3. Though imprisoned, Paul rejoices in the opportunity he still has to preach and encourage the church
  4. Those who tell the Gospel will always endure suffering, however the Gospel continues to bear fruit – even under persecution and suffering
  5. We too, need to regularly hear and read the Gospel in order to dispel all fears and doubts