Sermons by Dave Pym

Jesus: A Saviour for Outsiders

Acts 11:1-30 For Gentile ‘outsiders’ to become ‘insiders’ in Jesus’ Church, there had to be: (1) Recognition that Jesus wants to save Gentiles (1-18) (2) Interaction with Gentiles where they were (19-21) (3) Affirmation that Gentile belief was genuine (22-24) (4) Instruction of Gentile converts in how to live for Christ (25-26) (5) Demonstration by…

His Team

Who does Jesus want to include?

Acts 8

Scattering the Good News:

  • What does it cost us to cross the barrier of PREJUDICE
  • He came also to save the DECEIVED
    • There is still Hope – Repent & receive Forgiveness
  • He came to save the DISTANT
    • Those feeling limited or restricted by location, culture, colour, disfigurement, language or social stigma
  • Jesus came to save EVERYONE willing to follow Him