Sermons on Sheep

Meet Jesus: Jesus is the Good Shepherd

John 10:1-21

  1. Jesus is the Shepherd (who cares for his sheep) v1-10
    • Intimate and tender image
    • Sheep aren’t the smartest or the strongest
    • But, each of us is precious in his sight
    • Jesus is the only way in
    • He comes to give us life, and every other option leads to death
  2. Jesus is the Good Shepherd (who dies for his sheep) v11-21
    • Jesus has sheep outside Israel and he’s going to gather them in too
    • Jesus’ intimate relationship with the sheep is like his relationship with the father
    • His father loves him because he is aligned with his fathers plan
    • He lays down his life
    • No one takes his life from him, he lays it own of his own will
    • He will take it up again