Sermons & Teachings (Page 3)

His Team

Who does Jesus want to include?

Acts 8:1-40

Background: Stephen’s legacy is that the Good News leaves Jerusalem (1-4)

Who does Jesus want to save and include in the Church He is building?    

(1) Jesus wants the despised (5-8 and 14-17)

(2) Jesus wants the deceived (9-13 and 18-25)

(3) Jesus wants the distant (26-40)

Do we want these people on Jesus’ team, and will we help them join? 

Honouring God By Remaining Healthy And Avoiding Hypocrisy

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Acts 4:32 – 5:11

Is my church full of hypocrites? Am I one of them?

(1) A God-honouring community (4:32-37), marked by:

– a shared unity (32a)

– unceasing Gospel testimony (33a)

– heartfelt generosity (32b and 34-35) 

(2) A God dishonouring conspiracy (5:1-4 and 7-9)

(3) A God-inflicted penalty (5:5-6 and 10-11)

For the health and holiness of Jesus’ Church, we must shun hypocrisy and pursue honesty.

Waiting Well As The People Of God

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Opening: Psalm 77

Sermon: Acts 1:12-26

What can we learn from the earliest believers about waiting well as God’s people?

(1) The Church waited obediently (12)

(2) The Church waited collectively (13-14)

(3) The Church waited in unity (14a)

(4) The Church waited prayerfully (14b)

(5) The Church waited Biblically (15-26)

Waiting well will involve obeying Jesus, meeting together, being unified, praying together and submitting to Scripture.