Sermons & Teachings (Page 2)

1. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

We apologise that the audio recording was of poor quality and did not adequately portray the intended message of the sermon. The recording has been removed from the web.

Luke 2:1-20

Introduction and Background

Why does Charles Wesley urge us to sing with the herald-angels?

  1. Jesus came to earth to reconcile us to God
  2. Jesus came to earth to relate to us as God
  3. Jesus came to earth to raise us to be with God

Will you be singing this Christmas?

Dead Guys You Should Know: John Wesley

  1. Wesley: A Brand Plucked from the Burning
  2. Wesley’s Conversion #1: Holiness
  3. Wesley’s Conversion #2: Aldersgate Street (May 24, 1738)
  4. Wesley’s Conversion #3: Field-preaching to the unreached (April 2, 1739)
  5. Wesley’s legacy (and why he’s a dead guy worth knowing)